Friday, November 24, 2006

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Last year, when he was only three years old, Finney staunchly refused to participate in any and all holiday events at his preschool. No Halloween games without security in tow, no dining with the other pilgrims and Indians, and absolutely no dressing up as an angel or singing in the Christmas play.

I'm happy to say that time and familiarity have pleasantly seasoned our once-shy boy who, a year later, has been doing great at (which is to say actually taking part in), the extracurricular holiday events at his school.

On Halloween, he strolled on his own in the cake walk and proudly brought home a half-dozen frosted cupcakes as the winner.

And on Wednesday, not only did he leave behind his fear of wearing silly hats at the annual Thanksgiving banquet, he actually joined his classmates at the banquet table instead of hiding, quivering, behind the safety of my leg.

And he ate. And ate. And ate.

In fact, he was the last one of his class at the table--long after all the others had run off to play on the jungle gym and swing set--still macking down turkey, fruit, rolls, and sweet little toddler pieces of pumpkin pie.

What a difference a year makes.

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