Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Don't Be Hatin'

Don't hate me if you're shivering somewhere cold and blustery right now, but we've had not one but TWO more beach days since my last beach post. You know, the one when I thought it was gonna be the last beach day of the year.

Yeah, well, not so much, I guess.

It's been a ridiculously gorgeous November here in So Cal, and I think I even managed to get a little sunburned yesterday while watching the kids at the park. (Yes, I hear your tiny, mocking wails in response to my horrible plight. Play on, world's smallest sympathy violins...)

And speaking of the park, look who joined me in my Double Duty playground adventures...

Why, it's Uncle Eddie!

He's heading to Hawaii tomorrow, so he stopped in for the traditional spaghetti dinner bonanza at our parents' house and some advanced glass clinking out on the town with his boys. (Yes, you may commence round two of surly condolences, what with his island-bound adventures and social itinerary, and all.)

In conclusion, I have no conclusion.

Just thankfulness for this ongoing beautiful weather and for my happy, healthy family.

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Shannon said...

I love Shea's strawberry outfit! Just darling.