Friday, November 17, 2006

Admit It

If you were going to be kicked, you'd want it to be done by someone wearing these shoes:

And if you were going to be hit about the face and chest with tiny fists of fury, you'd want it to be by someone who can pull this look off with ease:

And if you were going to be bitten on the soft, fleshy part of your underarm, you'd want it to be done by someone who has this smile:


P.S. Just as they did with her brother, Shea's "terrible twos," tantrums and all, have started early--at 18 months.


Anonymous said...

Dear K-
Though I have NO advice on the parenting end of things, I do have some very good pharmacuetical advice, and access, as- I work in a community mental health clinic. Stay safe, stay sane- that's our motto.

OddMix said...

Shea is just too cute! The funny thing is that we never had a problem with the twos. The threes sucked royally, but the twos were easy.

kim said...

How can you resist that face? It goes by way to fast, enjoy!

Karen said...

I feel your pain. Lizzy was 14 months and it lasted until she was 3.