Friday, November 10, 2006

So THIS Must Be What Life In Hawaii's Like Year-round

What do you do when Mother Nature temporarily forgets what season's she's in and serves up a day straight out of the August songbook?

You grab the kids, pack up the car, and head straight to the beach, of course!

Yeah, we were able to eke out perhaps the last beach day of 2006 on Wednesday. The kids didn't miss a beat and were working the boogie boards and juice boxes as if it were the fourth of July.

Only seven more months until summertime!


Mary-LUE said...

Hi KarinGal! I'm an OC mom, too. It was a hot couple of days wasn't it? And the fire. Could you smell that on Monday from where you are?

It looks like the kids had a blast. My two are beach crazy and I am a white-skinned, over-sunned woman who just wants to read her book quietly under the biggest umbrella ever.

I hope NaBloPoMo is going okay for you. I get a little freaked out now and then, but so far I've made the post-a-day.

Obviously I found you through the randomizer. Cool, huh?

Mary-LUE said...

Hey there... We must both be online at the same time!

I just checked out the Grey Gardens description at Netflix and it does sound fascinating. To my queue, I go...

Mrs. Chicken said...

OH MY GOD I am jealous. That looks like the most delicious November day in all of history.

Thanks for hanging out at my place, I'm blogrolling you and subscribing. If you can be friends with my sis, then we are definitely kindred spirits.