Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm Sure There Will Also Be Some Advanced Lincoln Logging Courses

Probably because our 19-year-old next-door neighbor began attending the local community college this fall--and probably because I started assistant teaching there this semester, as well--the subject of college has come up frequently around the house lately.

Since I don't really remember knowing what college was until I was at least 10 years old, I was curious to hear what Finn had to say about it. So, over breakfast on Sunday morning, I asked him where he thought he might like to go to college.

After hearing about my college in Los Angeles and John's college in Texas, he said he might like to go to Uncle Eddie's college, in Northern California.

When I asked him what he'll be doing once he gets to college, he shrugged, then started throwing out some ideas, that from their sheer grasp of the true nature of college, absolutely demanded that they be written down for posterity.

Here, then, is what happens in college, according to Finn, age four and a quarter:

  • Play with toys
  • Eat snacks
  • Run on the playground
  • Read books
  • Put stamps on things
  • Pee in the toilet
  • Dress up
  • Play soccer
  • Play with cars
  • Read cards
  • Color
  • Drink coffee
  • Eat eggs every day


ASevereMary said...

Hi! Well, I DID drink a lot of coffee in college. A lot! Oh yeah. And snacks. There were plenty of snacks. And reading books. Considering I was a literature major, I did read quite a few books. He actually did a pretty good job of describing it.

I clicked on the link to your husband's Texas college. I went to UTD--college neighbors we were.

How is NaBloPoMo going for you? I'm great some days and blocked others, but still have my daily post quota met. We're almost at the halfway mark!

Shannon said...

I love this! Especially because as I recall, this is actually pretty much what happens at college.

kim said...

If only it were that simple!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Sounds about right to me!

jlf said...

Ummm, I believe he is a trojan in development...so smart and all. And, her, well definitley a southern cal girl!!

Mary-LUE said...

P.S. For some reason, I got signed in under my old user id, aseveremary, and not my current one, Mary-LUE. Sorry about that.