Wednesday, November 22, 2006

10 Reasons Why I Love This Photo

  1. My Mom, bless her heart, who was so happy to have her two kids in the same place and eager to capture the sunset, took this photo almost directly into the sun--with no idea of what shooting at that angle does to the visibility of one's subject(s).
  2. If you look closely you can make out the Pacific Ocean in the background, right as the sun finally dipped into it for the night.
  3. Since my brother had just spent countless hours in his pickup truck, making his way home from Northern California--and since he's spent the last three months in northern Northern California full stop--he was pretty stinky at this precise moment. (Hi Ed!) And you can kinda tell that I'm recoiling slightly from being in such close proximity to his offending armpit.
  4. I have very few photos of just me and my brother as adults.
  5. I'm rocking my old-school Fussy shirt.
  6. Therefore, my boobs look great.
  7. Ed's throwing out the cheesy, lounge-lizard finger.
  8. You can see my dad's homemade plastic bird feeder, the one he cut out by hand from an old restaurant-sized mayonnaise container, along the right ridge of the image.
  9. It's November and we're still in t-shirts at sunset. (Sorry to belabor this point lately, but it's pretty common knowledge that I do much better when the weather's warm. So you might want to brace yourself for posts from Moody Mommy over the next six months or so.)
  10. It's always nice to have Eddie home again--even if it's just for 36 hours.


Anonymous said...

Great shot my west coast cousins in law--HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Tell Ed Sr. I will give him 5 bucks for one of those mayo feeders. TSCHUUSS! -- PC

jakelliesmom said...

Hi Karin, I'm also a stay at home mom of a boy and girl, 35, grew up in Orange County and went to UCLA. Found you through the NaBloPoMo and am enjoying your writing and photos!

I have to admit, I was happy today when I woke up and it was foggy.

Happy Thanksgiving!