Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Head Over Heels

Finney's a pretty solid sleeper. Like his father, once he's decided it's sleep time, his system shuts down quickly and he falls asleep right away. (As opposed to his mother, who has to review the events of the entire day and anticipate in annoying detail the plans for the next one.) And once he's down, he's pretty much out for the night.

Which helps explain how he managed to pull this doozie off:

Yes, he's fast asleep here, with his butt and legs on his bed, while his head and shoulders decided to fly south for the winter.

He falls out of his bed pretty regularly still -- John and I usually hear the THUMP of his body hitting the floor before we retire each night and place him back in his bed before retiring to our own -- which is why we keep him in his toddler bed and don't upgrade to a proper twin bed. It would just be further to fall, as they say.

He sometimes even partially falls out of bed in just the opposite of this configuration -- with his head on the bed and his knees on the floor, so it looks like he's deep in bedtime prayer.

But this was an impressive, new bedtime feat. Well done, Snoozy.

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pat said...

Great Picture....