Monday, January 01, 2007

2006: The Year In Photos

2006 was a great year.

John turned 40 and Shea turned one.

We triumphantly battled strep throat, ear infections, conjunctivitis, tonsilitis, temper tantrums and even strep butt.

We went to Hawaii once, Arcata once, and Big Bear twice.

Finn learned how to write his name, swim, and read his first book.

Shea learned to walk, talk and feed herself.

John went camping, got a tricked-out new wetsuit, and continued his lifelong love of surfing.

I wrote 15 freelance articles, started teaching, and got a kick-ass new camera.

Here's a roundup in photos.

January: Doing her best Annette Funicello impression

February: Enjoying his first can of Aloha in Hawaii

March: Resting up

April: Puckering up to receive kisses on her first birthday

May: A study in stripes

June: In Newport Beach's 100th Anniversary Parade

July: Well on their way to their 500th Otter Pop already by this point

August: Beating the heat

September: Back to school

October: In Big Bear

November: Squeezing out a few last beach days

December: Mom's got a shiny new camera now

Here's looking forward to the many gifts and challenges 2007 will bring.

Happy New Year!

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