Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wigging Out

Our good friends Chrissy and Jon (and their son, Frankie Dino), along with everyone's favorite Auntie, Christine, joined us in Big Bear last weekend.

I like to think of Chrissy as the Patron Saint of Good Times, as I can't think of very many encounters I've had with her in our 11+ years of friendship when I didn't have a total ball or at least a good giggle.

So, true to form, Chrissy and crew showed up at the cabin's front door with a Box-Full-O-Fun to keep us entertained and laughing throughout the weekend, including miniature musical instruments, a mobile karaoke machine that connected right to the television set, and--most over the top of all--about 10 different wigs and hats, including these very realistic mullets.

The karaoke festivities proved to be a well-needed celebration for us all and, after witnessing some downright inspired renditions of The Beatles' "Blackbird" and Frank Sinatra's "My Way," I decided to swallow my pride (along with a few extra glasses of red wine) and belt out my FIRST-EVER song on a karaoke mike. Pretty fun, from what I can remember of it.

The little guys had a ball, too, even when they weren't on the microphones.

Here, Christine shows us her groove thing.

While John and Chrissy do their wigs proud as they prepare to croon a duet together.

We also had a chance to take some beautiful walks and even attend the local Oktoberfest. No snow yet, but lots of clear, crisp weather to broaden the mind and clean out the mental cobwebs.

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