Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Letting Our Hair Down

Last weekend I went to a girls' night out/birthday party in Laguna Beach for this sweet lady.

The evening started out innocently enough, what with the homemade birthday cake, girly presents, and all the dressing each other up in jewelry and new skirts and such.

But I soon found myself testing the construction and physics of Christine's homemade beer bong. And the birthday cake ended up taking the place of everyone's dinner.

So, you're pretty smart and I bet you can guess where the rest of this story goes. But just in case, let me fill you in on the highlights:

There was much frolicking and bar hopping throughout the night.

And my first taste of Red Bull. (Not bad, but not sure I'd go there again.)

And much laughter. Uproarious laughter. Eyes closed and tears coming out laughter.
And, oh my, the dancing.

And strange TV shows.

And many fruity drinks.

Which inevitably led to the women's bathroom "art" photos.

And drunken, moody self portraits, sometime after midnight, as I waited to use the bathroom.

And other acts of public embarrassment I'm not at liberty to disclose in this forum.

(Did you know, though, that I have my very own guardian angel? He's an absolutely beautiful blonde gay man who, completely out of nowhere, appeared--right there on Pacific Coast Highway, somewhere in the dizzy distance between Woody's and the Boom Boom Room--to hand me a bottle of water in my, ahem, time of need. Thank you, guardian angel! I love you.)

It was more fun than should have been allowed or legal in a single night. My voice is still recovering from laughing so hard and howling at the summer moon with these great gals.


pat said...

I do not know about you Karin!!!!!!!

Hell, I am just jealous I was not there.

christine said...

too bad you missed the "almost naked guy" aka gorgeous, tan, gay go go dancer at the boom boom room!