Friday, July 21, 2006

Things I Never Really Thought I'd Hear Myself Say

  • What do caterpillars smell like?
  • Please don't eat the plants.
  • How's my good pooper doing today?
  • But you won't have big boobies because only women get big boobies. [pause] Yes, they were full of milk. [pause] No, you can't have any because they're empty now. And, besides, they're only for babies. [pause] Yes, that's true. You are my baby, but the answer's still no.
  • Please don't eat his shoes.
  • No, honey, I don't think you understand. It's pajama day at school, so you don't HAVE to get dressed today.
  • I haven't read a book in more than a year.
  • Please don't eat the remote control.
  • Because I said so.

1 comment:

pat said...

I thought your blog entry was cute and all so true. Before I became a mom, I thought I would never ever say some of the things my mom use to say to us kids. But then I became the mom and low and behold I began to sound just like her especially the one "Because I said so".