Friday, August 12, 2005

That's What Friends Are For

Finn loves spending time at his grandparents’ house. He gardens with Opa, configures countless puzzles with Grandma, and generally has complete run of the house when he’s there. One of Finney’s favorite things to do at Moellerhaus is pick up the many framed photographs my Mom has scattered throughout the home and identify the people in the pictures. Sometimes, after he’s done viewing them, however, he has a quirky habit of laying them down flat—and upside down.

Last week, when asked by Opa how a cluster of photographs on the piano ended up flat on their faces, Finn realized he was in a pinch. But knowing that his adoring grandparents will buy nearly every line he casts, he did what any self-preserving slick trickster would—he blamed it on one of his best, but conspicuously absent, buddies: “Frankie Dino did it!”


Grandma Emely said...

What adorable children,
so cute and sweet, probably
the best two kids in the world....

JDDavidson said...

Could this be foreshadowing???