Saturday, August 13, 2005

Prettier In Pink

As silly as it may sound, when I found out I was going to have a baby girl one of the first things that raced through my folic acid–addled mind was that I was finally going to be able to incorporate tights into my new child’s layette. I know, I know, this sounds incongruous with my character and personal dressing style; after all, I only donned pink during my pregnancy (for the first time since high school, mind you) in an effort to sartorially sway the gestational gender gods towards embracing that second x chromosome. (I called it my “Think Pink” campaign. I guess it worked.)

So it came as a great surprise when I found myself elated—all right, downright giddy—at the thought of finally getting to dress my child in tights. (Sure, Jon Jons are cute for little guys in a Hyannisport kind of way, but the rest of the boys’ wardrobe highlights are pretty dim in my opinion.) This, of course, led to the discovery and celebration of other frilly and feminine finery, many examples of which can be seen in the accompanying photos, including:

* Bows
* Barrettes
* Feathers
* Bikinis
* Peter Pan collars
* Kimono-style shirts
* Embroidery

* Lace (within reason)
* Tuxedo ruffles
* Saddle shoes
* Mary Janes
* Bloomers

One day, of course, when Shea’s able to choose her own clothes, I will gladly let her dictate her own dressing style. (Anything but Goth, that is. God forbid.) But until then, as my only daughter, it’s dress-up time, as she’s destined to be my little (pardon the lousy pun) wo-mannequin.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom! : ) Now I understand all the dress-up photos in the old albums.

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mejane said...

She looked so fancy at our wedding with her feather boa forehead. Fabulous! But seriously, Karin... tights?! Covering those frosty cone thighs is a sin. xoxo jane