Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Blog Begins

Welcome to my new blog, the Double Duty Diary!

This is where I hope to keep a continually updated, documented record of the stuff that happens to a homebased mother of two and her family.

Many of our friends and family members are curious to know how Finnegan and Shea are doing--
and how John and I are surviving--so instead of clogging everyone's in-boxes with huge photo files, I hope to use this forum as an easy way for you all to access updates to their recent antics, activities and achievements.

Hope you enjoy the postings. Please check in often -- they're growing up fast!


Sarah said...

What a great idea Karin - I can't wait to read more about it...esp since I'll be pulling double duty myself in just a couple of months!

Mike Cerneant said...

Groovy! Since I have FLAKED on seeing you guys in a while, I can check out the latest here. :)

Anonymous said...

Frankie dino's Grammy here! Love it!

porcadmiral said...

Nice Blog!