Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some Grown-Up Time

Thanks to the attentive childcare provided by Grandma Emely and her girlfriends Trudi and Peggy, John and I were able to take a "Coastal Cruise" last Saturday night on what was one of the most beautiful evenings of the summer.

We listened to a Reggae band onboard, saw multi-million dollar homes scattered along the gorgeous coastline, drank beer, watched the sunset, and let the warm winds whip over us. It was sublime.

1 comment:

jlf said...

Who is that handsome couple!? And surely they don't have two kids under four years old? You both look the best in your lives- how amazing...just great friends, amazing have the greatest kids..just all around hip folks...and both gettin' better lookin' be the year!

love you mucho...