Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So you may have noticed that things here at DDD have been, admittedly, a little photo heavy lately. And while most of you don't seem to mind gazing at new pictures of the kids day after day, I thought I'd check in and let you know what's up with everyone, as boring as the details may be. So here goes:

Finn is studying the letter D in school this week. When I asked him to tell me a word that begins with the letter D he responded immediately with doo-doo-pants, and then burst into an explosion of four-year-old boy giggles. So we're really making great strides in the whole diminution of potty talk effort. Ahem.

Shea has refused to take more than half of her afternoon naps over the last week, leading me head-first into the crashing realization that she may soon be ready for only ONE nap each day. (I'm quick, no?) What this really means, of course, and why I'm stumbling to let it seep into my consciousness, is that when this happens I will only have about 60 minutes of quiet, no-children time during daylight hours each day. SIXTY minutes. Need to make an appointment? Conduct an interview? Call a friend to chat uninterrupted? Empty the dishwasher without threat of tiny fingers grabbing the knives out of the silverware caddy? SIXTY minutes, baby. I can almost hear the tick-tick-tick-tick-tick of the "60 Minutes" opening credits. And, as usual, I'm dreading Andy Rooney.

John's watching the final excruciating moments of Alien vs. Predator on the couch. Apparently, the Dodgers won't start their post-season play until tomorrow, when they take on the Mets, so we're subjected to random science fiction cheese on the box tonight. He also just asked me to put X-Men III: The Final Scratching, or something like that, on the Blockbuster DVD wish list. (Paul, think you can talk some film sense into your sweet brother?)

As for me, I'm mired in freelance assignments, which is both good and bad. Good to have the work and great to be able to camp out in my head more often as I strategize my stories. Bad because I don't have a lot of time for other stuff, like...um...blogging, right now. So please be patient as I race toward my next crop of deadlines; I'll try to make sure there are at least some new photos for you to look at each day.

In the meantime, how about this nice shot of Whiney McSurleypants before he became a bonafide curmudgeon?

Isn't he kind of adorable?

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Paul Gallagher said...


Thanks for today's posting. It gave me a good chuckle on a day where I definitely needed one(tough morning at work til now =)

As far as talking movie sense into JOhn honestly I like the first 2 X-men movies and I heard the third was decent as well. I doubt they compare to either of the Spider Man films but then again I can't think of a superhero movie that does. At the moment I'm churning through Family Guy Episodes I got from Amazon so my taste runs the gamut as well!!

Good luck on your writing gigs Karin and enjoy X-3 =)

Paul in CO