Monday, October 23, 2006

A Note To Follow So

A quick primer of Shea's World focusing, randomly, on two-syllable words that begin with the letter L.

Lola is perhaps Shea's favorite television character and she asks for her by name daily. As one of the two stars of
Charlie and Lola, she gets into tons of adorable mischief, isn't afraid to get dirty, and tests her brother's patience on a regular basis. She's Shea's hero.

This is Logan, Finney's best buddy and Shea's first real-life crush (the girl's got great taste, no?). He's very sweet and regularly indulges her requests for hugs and hellos before he gallantly dashes off to the playground with Finn. Shea calls him "Lolo," and as she does tiny hearts evaporate off the top of her little head.


Lilo lives in
Hawaii, does a beautiful hula dance, and loves everything about the ocean. She's who I'm hoping Shea will resemble in a couple years.

Lala is the yellow Teletubbie. She has a curl on her head, just like Shea, and they have roughly similar vocabularies at this point.

This is a dress from the wonderful little girl's clothing line, Baby Lulu. Their stuff is super cute, unbelievably soft, and ridiculously expensive. But we've managed to find a few pieces in the second-hand kids shops and on eBay, which look great on Shea.

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