Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Big Men On Campus

Today was Finn's first day of school. He's in Pre-K now, which is just another name for preschool that focuses on preparing the kids for the rigors of modern kindergarten. He quickly picked out his preferred seat in the story circle, found his cubby hole, and began to covet the numerous puzzles strewn across the large puzzle table--hearts shooting out of the top of his head all the while.

Just a year ago, I brought Finn to his little preschool--gel in his hair by request, same as today, to mark the special occasion--and took his picture in front of the September calendar. This year, though, as I took the same picture, it was pretty clear that he posed for me not as a timid newbie, but as an alumni on a campus that he's grown comfortable with, surrounded by teachers and students he recognizes and loves.

specially this one.

Yup, Logan and Finney are in the same class again and couldn't be happier about it. As soon as they made the connection themselves (it's not the same as being told by their Moms all summer long, apparently), they scampered off to the playground, professing their undying love to one another as they climbed to the top of the jungle gym.

"You're my best friend." "You're my best friend." They were so matter of fact about it, as if they were confirming their next dental appointment.

My heart crumbled from the cuteness of it all.

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