Friday, September 22, 2006

Six Is The Iron Anniversary, So Maybe I'll Order A Steak

Some people are lucky at cards.

Some people are lucky in Vegas.

I got lucky in love.

Every day I thank my lucky stars for my husband.

Happy 6th Anniversary*, John.

*It's really tomorrow, but I won't be blogging about anniversaries as I'll be--thanks to Grandma Emely and Opa's childcare services--sipping down a gin martini and sharing a childless meal with my hunk-o-burning love.


John said...


Did you know that the modern 6th anniversary gift is wood? I Love You.

Happy Anniversary


KarinGal said...

Cheeky monkey.

You know my mother reads this blog, right? ;)

Admiral said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats, crazy kids!

Enjoy the gin.

Brian and Jane

pat said...


sarah said...

congrats on your 6th aniversary. I hope your day is as special as the day you got married.