Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Other Famous Finnegans

1. Finnegans Wake: This novel took James Joyce 17 years to complete (which he finally did two years before his death), and is often cast as one of the most difficult-to-decipher pieces of literature of all time. Some consider it one of the best. Some, back in the day, took it to be Joyce's big F-You joke to the literary world. Notice there's no apostrophe (funny, that).
2. Finnegan's Irish Amber: Ale produced and distributed in Northern Minnesota. The company donates 100% of its profits to at-risk youth and working poor in the state. John regularly wears his Finnegan's t-shirt, which makes the following awkward admission on its back: "Mom...Dad...I'm Gaelic." Nice.

3. Finnegan, the donkey on Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks. It's funny to watch Finney snap to attention in the millisecond between when the characters call out the donkey's name and when he realizes they're not addressing him as he loafs on the couch.

4. A super cool toy store in Portland, Oregon. After Finn was born I contacted them online to see if they could send me one of their business cards or other printed business material for Finn's keepsake box.

They kindly obliged. A month later, I received a shopping bag, a business card, and this name puzzle in the mail, which they said had been sitting in their back storeroom gathering dust for years and were happy to send to a good home. How nice is that?

5. Finally,
Christian Finnegan weighs in with snarky pop-culture commentary on VH-1's "Best Week Ever" program. I don't know much more about him other than that he looks much thinner in his Web site photos than he does on the program. Not that I'm pointing any of my own still somewhat chubby postpartum fingers or anything, but I'm afraid if he had more celebrity clout he'd be risking a Bloat Watch alert from the Fugly girls.

Know of any others?


Anonymous said...

Who is Finnegan Begin again?

KarinGal said...

Finnegan begin again is simply the refrain from the children's song, Michael Finnegan:

There was an old man named Michael Finnegan
He had whiskers on his chinnegan They fell out and then grew in again
Poor old Michael Finnegan Begin again

It's also the title of a little-known 1985 movie with Mary Tyler Moore and Sam Waterston: