Thursday, October 19, 2006

One Year Later

This is the big bear in Big Bear.

His name is Kirby and he lives in our friend Trudi's cabin. Each time we visit, we greet Kirby (Hi, Kirby!) and he greets us (Welcome!), as he sits in the main living room, standing guard over us and our frivolities.

We also use him as a measuring stick.

This picture was taken last October, when Finn was three, Kirby was still noticably taller than Finn, and Finn was just a smidge afraid of him.

This picture was taken last weekend. (It appears at first that Finn's on his tiptoes, but his back foot is actually planted flat on the ground.) Finn was so excited that, now that he's "four and a quarter," he finally surpassed his wooden pal.

"Mom, I must be growing!" Indeed.

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