Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back Again, With Lots Of Pictures To Woo You With

Hi! Remember me? I used to be a dutiful blogger, diligently posting stories and photos of my kids and family.

Then the holidays came around and unceremoniously used me to wipe down every last dining table, strung me across the top of the roof line and set me to "blink," and threw me away with the heaps of crumpled wrapping paper and empty boxes.

And then I was not.

But I'm back, and shit howdy do I have a boatload of photos to share with y'all. My new camera and I are taking things very slowly, setting the strong foundation for any good long-term relationship, and have been learning little bits about each other every day.

Camera: Doesn't warn you when the battery's getting low; instead, just shuts off in a huff -- game over -- slightly resentful that she's been ridden that hard, frankly, and just needs some time to heal and recharge now.

Karin: Hasn't taken the time to read more than 10 or so pages of the manual to find out if she's just not looking in the right spot to monitor the battery's remaining lifespan. Didn't mean to offend camera.

Camera: When shutter button is depressed halfway while set to Manual Mode, interprets this as an indication that user wishes camera to establish focus on subject.

Karin: After 20 years of conditioning, still thinks that the partial shutter depression will yield a light reading and that it is still her responsibility to set the f-stop and establish focus on subject. Has taken an embarrassing number of poorly exposed and awkwardly focused images as a result. Remains slightly nostalgic for familiarity of old camera. Realizes it's time to read further in said manual.

Camera: Goooooood lookin', so refined....

Karin: Wouldn't you like to know what's going on in my mind?

Anyway, the holidays were a lot of fun this year. Eddie and Amy were here, as was Grandpa Jack. We spent some time at Crystal Cove State Beach's adorable cottages, which were just restored to their early-20th-Century splendor. We celebrated our 13th-annual cocktail congregation on Christmas Eve with a record number of friends and well wishers. We got completely spoiled by Grandma Emely's wonderful cooking. We went sledding and rang in the New Year in Big Bear with the newlyweds, as well as Finney's best friend Logan and his parents. Best of all, John was able to take 11 days off from work so the kids basically ignored me while he was in their presence AND I got to sleep in past 7am on most mornings.
I'm so in love with my husband.

Here, then, are the links to my photos of these various eating and drinking festivals,, I mean, celebratory events. I will think of this Christmas as the one when Shea finally realized who the guy in the red suit was (but never warmed up to him), when Finn garnered the courage to sing with his peers in front of an audience, and when my new camera and I first started to get friendly.

To view a slide show of Crystal Cove, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, click here.

To view a slide show of our trip to Big Bear to ring in 2007, click here.

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