Monday, January 22, 2007

It Begins

A couple weeks ago, Cari brought over a big bag full of Daisy's old dress-up clothes: tiaras, purses, feather boas, faux fur-trimmed capes, the works. You know, really frilly girly stuff that I'm sure Shea will one day covet.

(I hear the fourth birthday is the magical princess turning point for most little girls, when their hearts turn a rhinestone-encrusted shade of hot pink and they begin running around as miniature royalty in frills. Should be fun.)

So far, though, since she's only 20 months old, Shea really could care less about most of the dressy items.

Except the shoes, that is.

She's already deftly clomp-clomp-clomping around the house in these garish, Barbie-emblazoned, silver "beauties" -- which fit right over her thick footie pajamas, since they're still about three sizes too big for her feet -- and even demanded that she be allowed to sleep with them last night.

"Sheeeeeeuuuwwwwwsss ON! Sheeeeeeeeeeuuuuuwwwwwsssssss ON!"

Today when we left the house to go pick up Finney from school, I heard Shea bid a soft, plaintive farewell into her closet as we left her room: "Bye bye, shoes."

Does this mark the first blush of an honest-to-goodness girly girl?

Shea's learning to talk quite a bit these days, so whatever you do, please try to refrain from saying the words "Manolo Blahnik," "Jimmy Choo," or -- worst of all -- "Christian Louboutin" in front of her, OK?

Thanks. Every little bit helps.

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Shannon said...

I can so relate to her on this one.