Thursday, January 11, 2007

Personally, I Like Double Sipping OCD The Best

Most of my regular readers (hi, Mom!) have this blog address saved to their Favorites and check in periodically to see if I've posted.

Some of my more tech-savvy readers have added it to their
Bloglines subscription list and are automatically alerted when I submit new posts.

And then there are those who find this blog through conducting a search on Google.

What searches, might you ask, would lead someone to this blog? Well, thanks to sitemeter, which allows me to track where visitors come from, I'm able to answer that question for you right now.

Here are some of the more memorable search strings that have matched to DDD over the last few months. (Think they were tickled by or disappointed with what they found here?)

  • darth vader has to wear diapers

  • super duty guy that poops

  • Naartjie Smell of shop

  • sarah bernhardt cookie recipe

  • double sipping ocd

  • expired denny's paychecks

  • hawaii hula girl boobs photo

  • Palm Sunday Digit Monday Phalange Friday

  • damn heavy

  • skywalker angst

  • mom dad I'm gaelic

  • swollen gullet

  • thick diaper gals

Which one's your favorite?


Shannon said...

I have to vote with you for Double Sipping OCD.

JennaRN2008 said...

palm sunday, digit friday, phalange monday... i'm still giggling.. must be the nursing student in me :-)