Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Drugstore Cowgirl

So, did you know you could get strep on your butt?

Hmmmm, me neither.

Turns out Shea's butt knew this, and managed to be first in line to sign up for a scorching case of
Perianal Streptococcal Dermatitis--or Strep-da-Booty, which we affectionately call it around the campfire--that her pediatrician quickly diagnosed after taking a look at her adorable but very angry little bottom.

He also said it's easy to catch--probably from one of her vector parents, both of whom suffered a case of
strep throat at least once this summer--and, fortunately, easy to cure.

Unfortunately, this marks the fourth case of the dreaded "strep" in the house this summer; despite our best efforts to scour the house of all germs and triple launder the linens, we just keep volleying the yuck back and forth.

I feel like we should paint a big AMOXICILLIN DISTRIBUTED LIBERALLY HERE warning on the front door--partly to warn visitors of our ongoing bacterial challenges, and partly to scare away any new strep bugs that are plotting their next attack.

I'm pretty sure the pharmacists at SavOn think I'm stalking them at this point.


Anonymous said...

K, Is it inappropriate to laugh quite heartily at this entry?! What would Emily Post say? It's certainly not Schadenfreude, just an appreciation of your humorous take on the various afflictions of the derriere. M. in O-Town.

Paul Gallagher said...


Sad to hear about Shea's poor bum sounds very unfun. I've had a hemmorhoid before which I know is different but still uncomfortable all around. Hopefully, amoxicillin is doing the trick.

Hug everyone for me please,

Paulie in CO