Friday, August 25, 2006

99 Roads To Happiness

Thanks to those who played along with my end-of-summer captions contest. So many great entries! So many ways to interpret fish angst!

Choosing a winner was tough; to determine who would receive the esteemed title I carefully employed the most exacting instrument I possess in my critical-selection toolshed: I went with the one that made me laugh outloud.

But, first, I present to you the Honorable Mention winners.

The Buddhism Is Truly Everywhere Honorable Mention Award goes to M in O-Town. If anyone needs to reconcile the notion of Existence as Suffering it's a fish about to be brought home to a sizzling-hot frying pan. Quick! Find your happy place, grasshopper.

The Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit Honorable Mention Award goes to Carolynn (Top fish: "Pick Me." Bottom fish: "No, pick me."), who technically tied in word count--FIVE--with the unofficial entry submitted by her office pal, Jason (Bottom fish: "Get off me." Top fish: "Fuck you.") Who would have guessed that the lawyers would come up with the fewest words? (Just kidding, guys. Sort of.)

The Carpe Diem Honorable Mention Award goes to Jenna, who despite being a wife, mother of three, and President of the Indiana Association of Student Nurses, still managed to post her caption entry first.

Other stand-out scripting: Seuss references!
Phallic allusions! Fish as Internet trolls! Well done, folks.

And now, the news you've been waiting for all week, as I dodged my daily blogging duties and instead frolicked on the beach with the kids and went out for happy hour with my high-school girlfriends (which is true but sounds better than the remaining truth about changing diapers, fixing meals and doing laundry):

The Double Duty Diary Summer of 2006 Grand Prize goes to PAT, for her classic worm as fish nemesis double entendre. (Plus, it fit just perfectly in the speech bubbles.)

For her wry caption Pat will receive, whenever I can get my act together and to the post office, a 99 Ranch Starter Kit, complete with Mai Fun Rice Sticks (aka noodles), jasmine-infused green tea (delish!), a trio of soaps--sandalwood, jasmine, and ginseng--and sweet cookie balls. Congratulations!


JennaRN2008 said...

Carpe Diem honorable mention... I'm all verklempt :-D Thanks! I have to agree on the winner... nearly spit out my own tequila reading that one!

As for being first, school doesn't start till Monday and I have a sick level of addiction to my computer. I like your description though - makes me sound really good!

Admiral said...

AHHHH! I just saw this! Congrats to the winner it was a good one. Hope you do this again soon. Off the top of my head.
Requires three captions.

Bottom fish: Where's your other fin?

Top Fish: Between two pillows.

Bottom Fish: Those aren't PILLOWS!!!

Next Time. Great Idea.

Anonymous said...

Now I now what JUST to hang next to my "best dissertation" award and that fancy Latin PhD. I'll be celebrating in proper style! Out of my way! Don't you know who I am???! Wait a minute, that's not very Buddhist though, is it?
Meanwhile, Carolynn gets my nearly unrivalled vote for "the answer I still wish I had come up with". I say "nearly" only because, if this weren't a family-friendly blog, her partner in crime would win my "colourful language most likely to be heard from a city fish" award. Brilliant.
Meesh in the O-Dot.