Sunday, August 06, 2006

Two Become One

Did you hear that my little brother got married?

No really, it's true. Oh, I see. You say you've read about the wedding plans here
a few times. About a thousand times, or so, you say? Gotcha. And you want some pictures already? All right, all right. Well, you're in luck. I've got them ready for you. And some of them are even kinda cute!

Let me just say first, though, that if you weren't there we certainly missed you. It was by far one of the best weddings I've ever been to and that's not just because I got to tell embarrasing stories about my brother--on a microphone, no less--after the ceremony. The weather was SPECTACULAR, considering every other time I've visited the Arcata/Eureka area of northern Northern California I've frozen my butt off, even during the peak of summer.

(Quick aside: I often think of that great old Mark Twain quote about the coldest winter he ever spent was the summer he spent in San Francisco. So true. Now go six hours further north up the rugged California coastline and you'll understand the typical weather patterns there. This place ain't no Sunkist commercial; it's a dynamic, breathtaking slice of topography where Redwoods meet the Pacific, it rains an average of 40 inches a year, and the people all seem to share the same strain of coastal cowboy DNA. But on Eddie and Amy's special weekend the clouds parted, the sun shook its mighty money maker, and none of that nippy/chilly stuff applied.)

The whole
wedding celebration went off without any major problems and with very little drama, even given the fact that so many slices of different cultures in Ed and Amy's worlds--everyone from pirates, priests, hippies and hipsters to vegans, vampires, toddlers and teetotalers--shared the same space and dining areas for three days straight.

Now the adorable honeymooners are swinging in a hammock somewhere on the beach in mainland Mexico, soaking up the sun and recovering from three straight days and nights of nuptial festivities.

I just realized that the only shot I have of Ed and Amy during the wedding ceremony so far is the shot below from Trudi. (Thanks, Trudi!) I will, however, have an entire roll of black & white images sometime soon; they were shot on my dear, old-school Canon AE1, which I reserve for capturing Events and Moments of Great Importance. I'll have to scan those in once they're developed and share them here.

Below is the photo link to my Befores and Afters. The Befores include the wedding rehearsal at Arrington Apple Farm; the subsequent rehearsal dinner at Cin Cin in Eureka; and the fun day spent on the grass of Arcata Plaza listening to the local musicians and eating locally grown fruit from Farmers' Market vendors. The Afters include a breakfast and visit to beautiful Trinidad State Beach; a breakneck, whirlwind drive through Ferndale, Petrolia and one of many Redwood forests lining Highway 101; playing and hiking at Arcata's Redwood Park; and the trip home.

here for photos. Enjoy!

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