Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Blogday

One year ago today, during the swelter of the summer I will forever remember as the one when I pottytrained a toddler while breastfeeding an infant--and did very little else--I started Double Duty Diary after reading an article about blogs in Time magazine.

At first, it was simply to provide photos and the occasional update about the kids to family and friends. Since then, it has become a wonderful outlet for me, both as a writer and as a mother. I now think about things that happen to me in the course of the day in terms of how I can best blog about them--how I can eke out the humor in the frustrating, the tender in the everyday.

I've even "met"--exchanged comments and the occasional e-mail with, really--other mothers around the world who are also making their way in the new years of motherhood. Many of them inspire me with their writing, photos, wit and insight. Mommybloggers certainly aren't the nitwits the name might imply.

I hope you're enjoying reading Double Duty Diary as much as I am creating it; hopefully my kids will someday enjoy reading it, too. Thanks for tuning in. Here's to another fun year of our crazy life captured online!

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