Tuesday, June 20, 2006

BFF!!! KIT!!!

Last week, before I was stricken with a rogue case of strep throat that confined me to a horizontal position and forced me to pass horse pills down my impossibly swollen gullet, I took the kids to the beach.

We packed a picnic lunch, built tiny sandcastles, chased the waves, and got sand in all the wrong places. It was a classic beach day.

As it was also the last day of public school, the beach wasn't crowded yet as most of the schoolkids were busy in class signing each other's yearbooks with proclamations of undying love, inside jokes, and other insipid ramblings to last through the ages.

Which made me wonder what I'd write to Finn and Shea in their 2005/06 yearbooks:

Hey Finney ~

Good thing you're a fast runner 'cause the little girls are gonna want to kiss you soon! Ha! Ha!

Good luck learning how to swim like a mako shark this summer, dude. (They're the fastest ones, you know.)

Anyway, thanks for putting the cold compress on my head when I had a fever that one time.
Stay cool, bud. See ya at the beach!!

Love, Mama

Hey Shea, Whad'ya Say?

You've come a long way, baby! Now that you can walk, feed yourself, and hold your own juice bottle, this summer is SOOO going to rock over last summer.

Try not to eat too much sand, ok kiddo? Makes it a little sketchy during the escape route, if you get my drift... ; )

Love, Mama

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pat said...

I really love reading your blog. It makes me feel like I know you and your family.