Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Portraits Of The Artist As A Preschooler

Finn's last day of preschool is tomorrow so his teacher cleaned out his residual art folder and sent everything home with him last week. The images pasted below show just how much he's changed throughout the year.

In September, an expression of shock and awe.
(Like Mr. Potatohead doing an impression of Mr. Bill.)

In January, completely preoccupied with the fact that
he's the only one in our family to have green eyes.

And finally, in June, he's seems happier with his green eyes,
which have taken a lesser role in his overall image.
(Even his hair looks more relaxed.)

1 comment:

pat said...

John's maternal grandmother had green eyes. Come to think of it so do I. Question answered; he takes after me.