Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If You Say So

Because I didn't start this blog until after Finn was three years old, I don't have any day-to-day remembrances of his babyhood development recorded here, like I do with Shea's. Sure, I've got his completed baby book, but that mostly charts the major developmental milestones and not the silly, subtle nuances of day-to-day life.

As my first baby, Finn got my undivided maternal attention for nearly three years; but Shea, who has had to share her mom with her older brother since the moment she was born, has gotten the fruits of my daily blogging efforts. Who knows if it's a fair trade.

So now, as Shea begins to babble more and more of her first words (Mama, Papa, up, down, baba, hat, toes, book, uh-oh, hot, that, stop),
I thought I'd share my "Cute Finn-isms" list--a catalogue of adorable vocabulary mispronunciations that I've been keeping on my computer since he started speaking--along with a little photo of the mouth they came out of during each period.

Around 18 - 24 months:

Fish: Wish

Octopus: AH-pa-too

Elephant: Eff-ah-nen

Cookie: Tee-tee

Strawberries: Robbies

Helicopter: Cah-cahlipper

Around 24 - 30 months:

Olympics: Linka-lips

Elizabeth: Lib-lips

Excuse Me: Squim-zee

Sparkling Water: Sprinkled Water

Another: Alunder

Other: Lunder

Animals: Aminals

Yellow: Lellow

Almost Three:

Jacuzzi: Ka-CHOOZ-eeee

Hippopotamus: Hippo-pa-MAT-o-mus

A couple minutes/a little while: A couple whiles

Oatmeal: OIT-meal

Almost Four:

Ritz Bitz crackers: Rich Bitch crackers

Binoculars: Bi-NAW-clears

Totally: Toilly

Gigantic: Guy-JAN-tic


christine said...

Come on, fess up Karin, you taught him to say "Rich Bitch"

aunt jodster said...

I can just hear my Finny's voice saying Ka CHoo Zee

ok, now add the recordings of shea, please!