Thursday, January 12, 2006

You Talkin' To ME?!?

Did you know that this is the official "De-lurking" week in the blog world? No? I didn't either. Until I read a few of my favorite blogs today, that is.

Apparently, this is the week when blog audiences who tune in regularly to read posts on their favorite blogs in quiet anonymity are encouraged to post their comments/questions/critiques.

Been wondering about something in a recent post? Now's the time to ask. (On that note, by the way, NO--we didn't name our son Finnegan after a beer, as the link at right might suggest. He was named after the James Joyce novel Finnegans Wake, but I seriously toyed with the middle name of Guinness for about a minute because how cool would it be to have a beer name? My name is Karin and sometimes, especially at the sushi bar, I imagine it's KIRIN, but I digress...)

Anyway, now's a great time to reach out and say hello. For the record, I take issue with the term "De-lurking" because it sounds kind of menacing--reading isn't lurking, duh!--so let's just say it's Reader Feedback Week. (OK, I admit that's not as catchy as "De-lurking," but you get the point.) So, start clicking that keyboard and say hi. It'll make me feel a little less like I'm writing in a vacuum each day. De-lurking is delightful!


Anonymous said...

You are just the best internet mother I know...I love that you admit your faults and are willing to actually say that you are feeling the urge to toss the short guy out the window...Yet, not in the creepy way I read on other blogs; And you seem to actually love and have sex(?) with the husband...I think with a shot of scotch, some of those mothers WOULD toss their kid....yikes!%#$@*!!!

Grandma said...

I love the blog, first thing I check each time I go on line.
The writing is first class. Karin
you are so talented.

The two little subjects of the blog
are the cutest, most adorable, wonderful, delightful, cute,
spectacular, amazing, delightful,
beautiful little ones.

I absolutely love reading all the
little stories about Finn and Shea.

Makes my day every day!

Anonymous said...

oh my god, is that the kids' grandmother? No fair, she does NOT count!

Anonymous said...

grandmothers do not count...their opinion of the little rugrats and your parenting...

KarinGal said...

Ummm....really? Five months of content and photos and you're commenting on the COMMENTS? Anonymously?

Mary said...

Hi Karin! I'm loving reading about your family! It is taking me down memory lane to the days on Empalme when a sweet girl would come over for sewing lessons! (Remember the purple sun dress?) Your kids are adorable and this log (blog) of their lives and their mom is something to treasure!(You are such a talented writer.)It sure lets me know that the sweet girl in the purple sun dress grew up to be an incredible wife and mother! Love, Mary (aka Glenn's wife) (aka Katie, Andy & Lucy's mom) (aka Tyler, Dean, Mitchell & Shelby's grandma...the best aka of all!)