Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Introducing Big Red

When Finn was an infant and John and I were still somewhat used to having two salaries at our disposal (ah, the folly!), we decided to splurge and buy our first-born baby the tricycle of our dreams. The Sky King, a scrumptious "fender-to-tailfin replica" of the 1936 version of the same trike, has a working headlight; thin, whitewall tires; and the sleekest design lines of any ride I've seen on any sidewalk anywhere. The thing is just flat bad ass.

And, yes, we wish they made an adult version.

So, for more than three years, this fine piece of machinery has been sitting in its original box, tucked away and out of sight, just waiting for the day when Finney would be big enough to ride it without killing it or himself in the attempt.

That day, my friends, was Christmas morning 2005.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you in all its retro glory . . . BIG RED:

Needless to say, Big Red was a huge hit.

And, yes, John and I are totally jealous.

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