Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Clothes Are Still Killing Me

I really thought this girl clothing "thing" would wane after the initial shock of actually giving birth to a female child but, truth be told, it's only getting worse.

I'm so sad when Shea finally outgrows her cuter outfits and separates--and shoes!--that I almost always put them on her one last time, just because I can. Sure, they're a little short at the ankle and a little tight around the neck, but I'm able to cling onto the baby doll fantasy a little longer.

Sorry, sweet girl, to put you through the mild discomfort, but you're just too cute. And the clothes? Well, they're just too cute, too. Put them together and I'm toast; I can't help myself.

Just consider it harmless payback for all your needy caterwauling.

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