Tuesday, January 03, 2006

She's A Giver

On her first Christmas, baby Shea gave us all some wonderful gifts.

For Finnegan:
This year, by sitting silently on Mommy's lap for nearly an hour, I will let you OWN the Christmas Eve festivites at Grandma and Opa's house. Go ahead, fish gifts out from under the tree, hand them to their recipients, and tear open your own. Steal the show with your excited dances, commanding all attention on yourself. Work the room like you did back in the day. While all eyes are on you, I'll be all eyes. Enjoy your moment; its kind may not come again so soon, big brother.
Love, Shea

For Papa:

For you, my sweet father, I will babble "Dada" for the first time on Christmas morning--and continue to do so incessantly for the next four days. Beginning on day four, I will try your preferred "Papa" on for size with mixed results.
Love, Shea

For Mommy:

Since I gave you the spoken gift of "Mama" last month, I will allow you to dress me in a super girly, velvet Christmas dress, upon which I won't spit up or drool for at least an hour, allowing you to take your requisite three hundred photos. Snap away, dear woman; get a good one.
Love, Shea

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