Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Three-Year-Old Teenager

I originally posted this photo without any accompanying text just before dinner because, with his kickin'-it-on-the-couch pose and mildly defiant expression, Finney—all three years and six months of him—looked like a hip but recalcitrant teenager to me.

Little did I know that only moments later, as I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, he would really drive the metaphor home with his snarky comment, below.

Visibly impatient with my slow preparation of his tilapia and turkey quesadilla, Sir Kvetch-A-Lot shifted all of his weight to one hip, rolled his green eyes skyward and, intending to express his boredom with the entire plebeian, domesticated condition, conjugated his complaint incorrectly and exclaimed:


Finn, you may be bored but you are definitely never boring.

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