Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas 2006 Captions Contest!

Put your funny hats on, folks, because it's time once again for a Double Duty Diary Captions Contest!

While visiting Santa Claus with the kids in early December, I managed to capture on my camera a hilarious exchange between Finnegan and Santa Claus. What I didn't manage to hear, though, was the conversation that unfolded between them to elicit their classic facial expressions. That's where I need your help.

Here's how the contest will work:

First, you'll need to choose a Version of the narrative that works best with your caption ideas.

For example, this is Version 1, wherein Finney pulls the first verbal punch but Santa Claus gets the last word:

And this is Version 2, wherein Santa Claus pulls the first verbal punch but Finnegan gets the last word:

(By the way, don't hesitate to choose Version 1 out of fear that I might take offense to Finney becoming the butt of the joke; if he's guilty of sassing off to Santa Claus, by all means good and right he should be put (gently) in his place. A boy needs to learn about the whole gift horse credo, after all, if he ever wants to work his way up Santa's Nice List to get an iPod when he's a recalcitrant teenager.)

Caption suggestions are due by the end of Christmas Day, 2006. Winner(s) will be chosen by my highly unscientific preference method (think WIT, folks -- make me think, make me laugh!), and will be announced sometime between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Prize(s) will be chosen and distributed by me, soon(ish) after the new year. Sorry, contest is only open to folks with mailing addresses in the United States.

When submitting your caption suggestions, please remember to indicate in which Version (1 or 2) you wish your captions to appear.

Good luck!

EDITED TO ADD: If multiple caption submissions end up being eerily similar in theme, the person who submitted their entry first will receive priority in judging. So get your captions in sooner rather than later!


Admiral said...

Version #2.

Santa: "You know little boy, there is no such thing as the easter bunny?"

Finn: "C'mon Santa, that's just the booze talking!"

Admiral said...

Version #2

Santa: "You know little boy, there is no such thing as the easter bunny."

Finn: " C'Mon Santa, that's just the booze talking!"