Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thanks For Playing

So I guess I'll never know what priceless words were uttered between Santa Claus and my son on that early December afternoon when I took these photos, but thanks for all the great suggestions.

And let me just say that fart jokes just never get old, do they?

But I strayed from the scatological and crashed straight into the endlessly entertaining notion of Santa Gone Bad by selecting Admiral as the first-prize winner in this year's holiday captions contest. Congratulations! I should have a Mickey's Wide Mouth and a chocolate Easter Bunny in the mail to you shortly.

I know, I know, from the look of the comments section it appears that Admiral won because he was the only person to actually enter; but I also received a handful of entries that were sent directly to my personal e-mail address. It should all make you feel a little warm and fuzzy that bribery, flatulence and misogyny were all cast aside in favor of a little old fashioned inebriation.

Hope you had yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

1 comment:

pat said...

Very very cute, I must say and yes I was a party pooper this time because for some reason this holiday season has sucked the brain cells right out of this head. Could not come up with a single thought................ Happy New Year to you, John and the kids and this New Years Eve, thanks to you guys will be spent eating a delicious steak at Morton's..........................