Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Doing Our Part, Kleenex By Kleenex, To Boost Revenues At Kimberly-Clark

Shea's getting over being sick.

I'm sick.

John's getting sick.

Finn's just sick of all us sickies.

Because I don't want you to be bored, though, I've found some fun stuff to keep you occupied in our absence of entertainment:

In Vino Veritas: Hop on over to
this great blog, which does nothing but sample and rate wines from Trader Joe's.

Call Me Pablo: At
this site you can let your inner Picasso shine to make beaaaauuuuuuuutiful artwork.

Can You Wrap That Up To Go? Finally, you can do some advanced armchair traveling
here and view a slew of amazing photographs of Southeast Asia.


1 comment:

pat said...

Yeah but I am thinking it is probably Finny bringing those germs home from school and sharing them with the rest of you. Have you noticed that when the new school season begins so do the colds? Shaun (kindergarten this year) is good for sharing too. Feel better soon!!!!