Thursday, November 10, 2005

This Little Piggy Just Kills Me

Now that the weather’s cooling down, it means that, sadly, I have to cover up ten of my most favorite things in the world: Shea’s toes. Nevermind that they're just so cute and chubby that I regularly want to eat them like dim sum. They're also informative.

Aside from their faces, you see, babies’ feet have to be the most expressive parts of their bodies. In the realm of body language, if you will, a baby's feet provide the punctuation. Mellow? They wiggle gently. Excited? They curl up like fists of fury. Pooping? Most likely pointed. Screaming like a banshee on fire caught in a bear trap while being skinned? Toes spread W I D E apart.

Good thing Shea’s got a proclivity for taking off her right sock to gnaw on her right foot—all the while throwing her left leg up and down against her buzzy chair like she’s keeping time at a hoedown—so I can catch a surprise nibble, um, ... I mean glimpse ... every now and then.

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