Friday, November 04, 2005

Things To Remember Next Time Around, Part 1

Today's entry marks the first in what I imagine will become a series of entries based on revelations I have about what to do/not to do with the next kid. As my first child, you see, Finn is charged with the occasionally ominous task of trekking through the virgin terrain that is childhood development with a mother who's never had a child before.

Most days, he shows me that he's become bigger and more mature than I realize--what do you mean you want to check your e-mail?--and is ready to try new activities. (You want to help vacuum, too? Great! Can you go over that corner over there again?) Sometimes though, like today, I fall victim to his strong mastery of the language and authoritative posturing and allow him certain privileges prematurely.

Rule #1 To Remember When Shea Is Three: No matter how comfortable she seems or how convincing her argument is, do not leave her alone at the kitchen table with a jet black ink pad and rubber stamps. Trust me.

Rule #2 To Remember When Shea Is Three: (In the event you forget to follow Rule #1) Unless the room is on fire or someone is injured, when Shea destroys the tile dining room floor by deciding to color it--and herself--with the open jet black ink pad, be sure to take a photograph of the carnage before cleaning everything up in a harried, muttering frenzy. It will make a great visual to accompany your subsequent blog entry.

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