Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Not Without My Papa

At the pumpkin patch last weekend the boys jumped their hearts out in the ginormous bouncy contraption/ germ pod. The one hitch? (You knew there had to be one, admit it...) Finney, timid little guy that he is, REFUSED to enter and partake in the holiday jumping joy without the accompaniment--and protection--of his father.

John, great sport that he is, climbed in and huffed and puffed away with the best of them. It was quite a sight to see all six feet four inches of Papa John jumping with Finn and all the other little children around him. With the sheer force of his size, he was able to catapult each of the kids into orbit a little higher than their own efforts could have produced alone--like tiny schooners getting tossed in the wake of a luxury cruiseliner. (Notice I said luxury, Babe.)

The kids, of course, loved it, but nobody did more than Finney; his joy spread across the entirety of his face and his pride--this is my Papa, yeah mine--was palpable.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps a warm up for Tuesday night basketball?!?!?!?!?!