Monday, October 17, 2005

Change of Scenery

October has always been my favorite month to travel. In my mind, it represents the true end of summer, since September is still so gorgeous--and summerlike--in Southern California. It's a great time to take one last break before transitioning into the long fall/winter.

So this past weekend we took a four-day family vacation in the mountains of Big Bear--a welcomed break from the regular weekly schedule. We indulged in lots of walks in the gorgeous autumn scenery, ate more than our fair share of yummy treats, hunted for pine cones, and even reveled in some quiet time (a relative term, I realize, when a certain garrulous little boy is involved). We even received the first snowfall of the season!

The first night in town, however, while visiting the grocery store to collect our supplies, Finney took a nasty spill off the back of the shopping cart, right into the cereal shelves on aisle 14. He tore open a 1/2-inch gash just below his right eyebrow but, thankfully, didn't need stitches or injure his eye. John and I each sprouted a few new grey hairs right there and then.

As the rest of the weekend devolved into a series of uncomfortably close calls for Finn--he ran full speed into the sliding glass door and walked face-first into (bounced off of, actually) a wooden beam in the cabin--we realized that, with a high-spirited and sometimes absent-minded three-year old in tow, we were not only experiencing the first onset of colder weather--we're entering injury season.

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JDDavidson said...

wish we were there...