Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Finney's Got A Girlfriend

When Finn arrived at school yesterday, his adorable classmate Maya ran up to him, gently put both her hands up to his face, and pinched his cheeks--pinched his cheeks!--to greet him hello. Then they hugged and ran off, hand in hand, to the playground to play.

When I came to pick him up after lunch, Finn's teacher asked me if he and Maya were friends outside of school, or neighbors, perhaps? They had apparently established a strong bond--given that it was only the third week of school--and had been holding hands all day.

Actually, Finney and I just met Maya and her mommy on the first day of school last month, when Maya helped push Finn on the swings. (It was so sweet I actually took a picture of it, above.) That could have been our first clue. Then, come to think of it, they stood together when it was time to line up for class.

Ah, young love. We should have seen it coming.

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