Monday, October 24, 2005

Frighteningly Realistic

This past weekend we attended the first of many Halloween parties we have scheduled on the calendar over the next week or so. With little ones, the Halloween season seems to stretch on for the entire month, much like the annual hedonistic birthday celebrations I threw myself during most of my twenties. But I digress.

The kids were just adorable, natch; Shea went as a cow and Finn as a cat--costumes you're likely to see again in future entries, so we're trying to keep them clean. Cousins Reilly and Kendra, who hosted the spectacular bash, were dressed as a dog and spider witch, respectively. We adore them and wanted to trick-or-treat them into our goodie bags and take them both home with us for good.

John and I,
by the way, showed up in what the crowd agreed were the most starkly realistic and convincingly scary costumes of the night: Exhausted Parents. The dark bags under my eyes even received rave reviews for their exacting realism. Man, if they only knew; that was the easiest dress-up I've ever done and I have my tiny, sleep-challenged, blue-eyed, bovine beauty to thank.

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