Monday, August 18, 2008

What It Do, Logie Boo?

Remember these adorable three-year-old preschoolers, winding their way through a pumpkin patch hay maze back in 2005?

Well they're six years old now and in the first grade, but would like you to know that they're still very much pals and friends and best boogie boarder buddies and all that good stuff. And can you just step a little to the left, please, so we can play with this video game?

One of our first matters of pressing business while in California was to log some serious play time with Finney's buddy Logan and his family. Here the kids are at the local park, eating Kultured Kitchen frozen yogurt, playing chase with the bigger kids, and being generally puppy-dog adorable.

Part of our grand vacation plan included scheduled kid-free Mommy time for Gina and me, so we made sure to get it inked in long before our plane's wheels even touched the ground at LAX. Here we are with
Cari outside the restaurant where the three of us had a lovely dinner, and later at one of San Clemente's best old dive bars, The Red Fox Lounge (which, sadly, due to a slow, city-wide gentrification over the last decade or so, isn't red, foxy, or even all that loungey anymore. We had a good time anyway).

Before our vacation was over, we were even able to get the Dads involved for some quality barbecue, corn on the cob, homemade macaroni and cheese -- and surf talk. Jerry, you see, is a real-life master surfboard shaper by trade and -- how cool is this?!? -- made John a custom surfboard during our visit to match his height, weight and even paddling-distance tendencies. Now that we're home in Hawaii again and the new board has cured, John's like a kid on Christmas morning every weekend riding his very own new, shiny tricycle. In the water.

Once again, good times all around.

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