Thursday, February 21, 2008

Girls Gone Aloha

Cari and Daisy flew out for a lovely, girls-only visit at the beginning of February. The weather was dodgy -- the rain followed us almost wherever we went -- but during the sporadic moments of sunshine we managed to hit some of the top Oahu beach spots, including Hanauma Bay and Lanikai Beach.

Plus, there was much goofing around at home, including lots of Ring Around the Rosie and even a birthday party for both Daisy (7) and John (not 7 by a long shot).

On the morning of their last day here, after experiencing a whirlwind, four-day tour of our new life in Hawaii that among the more glamorous stops included a sobering sample of downtown Honolulu traffic, AYSO soccer games viewed from under the cover of umbrellas, and even trips to Costco, Cari said something that meant so much to me, a delightful non sequitur that sounded like the final judgment on an argument she had been having in her head for quite some time:

"Fine, then. I don't want you guys to come back to San Clemente if you're so happy here."

We miss them already.

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pat said...

Great pictures, Karin.