Thursday, February 07, 2008

Everyone's Favorite 80-Year-Old Kindergartener

Finney's school recently held a celebrity dress-up day, where the students were encouraged to come to school dressed as a celebrity. But when I asked Finney who he wanted to be, he looked confused.

"Do you know what a celebrity is?" I asked.


(We got him out of Southern California just in time, folks -- just in time.)

When I explained that it was someone recognizable, someone who excelled in their field, like music, cooking, acting or sports, he jumped right on the sports ticket.

"I want to be a sports celebrity!"

He couldn't think of a single celebrity sportsperson, however, since he's not that kind of kid. Yet. Not into basketball, not into football, not into soccer (other than his own games), and only marginally interested in baseball.

(Ask him to tell you about any of the peripheral characters in Star Wars or Spiderman, however, and you'll get an earful. And an invitation to duel with plastic lightsabers. Consider yourself warned.)

But where there's a will there's a way, and the boy got his wish.

The one sports figure he knew? The one he's known since birth?

Why, the Dodgers' own Vin Scully, of course!

Check out his awesome broadcaster blazer and his kickin' press pass, which he kept around his neck in case anyone here in Hawaii wasn't quite sure who in the heck he was.

(By the way, there were plenty of those folks.)

Epilogue: After this photoshoot, he was bum rushed by a zealous female fan who mistook him for Bob Barker and smothered him with kisses.

I guess it's true that even celebrities have it tough, sometimes.


gretch108 said...

Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to get an autograph...LOVE IT FINNEY!

Auntie Gretch

RONW said...

to me, Scully will always be the "voice" of baseball. A tidbit: Al Michaels was the voice of the Hawaii Islanders minor league baseball team on radio, that was his start in broadcast I believe, albeit he seems to be a bit embarrassed to mention it on live TV.