Monday, January 28, 2008

Where We've Been

The last couple weeks have been a little bumpy here, trying to settle back into the school/homework/soccer practice/preschool routine after what felt like a month long vacation from all of it.

(I'm only partially kidding: Finn's school let out for 25 days in a row for the holiday break. "That's like a college vacation," a friend said, shocked. But without the ski trip to Lake Tahoe and sleeping in 'til noon parts.)

The most deliciously vacationy of it all, however, was the last week of the break, when we hosted Finn's best buddy from California, Logan, and his sweet mom, Gina.

You may remember Logan and Gina from past posts on this blog (which I cannot connect to through blogger at this time. Anyone else having this problem for the last, like, forever? Anyone?). Logan's had top billing on the Marquee of Finney's Heart for years and years, so naturally the boys were excited to see one another again after an excruciating six-month separation.

We tracked their flight on our computer as it made its way across the Pacific Ocean from LAX, an activity which made Finney nearly bubble over with anticipation in the hours leading up to their arrival.

made this special poster to greet them, which hung above our breakfast table during their entire stay.

Thankfully, the weather was cooperative so we spent lots of time at the beach, went hiking, and had lots of downtime, sprinkler hopping and Otter Pops at the house. Oh, and there was much juvenile nakedness. Especially from Shea, 'cuz that's just how she rolls these days.

Here's the rest of the highlights, in photos.

As the pictures can underscore, we had a fantastic time and were so grateful our friends made the long journey to come see us in our new home. We wanted to rip up their return tickets to see if maybe they'd just decide to stay forever, but no go. This time.

We're getting a new batch of visitors this week (and still more the week after that), so I hope to have lots of new photos up soon.

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