Monday, November 26, 2007

Putting Her Inner Rock Star Down For Nappies

One of my favorite things about our new Hawaii home is that the kids now have their own bedrooms.

Here's a photo of Shea's bedroom -- personally, I think it's the best one in the joint, tucked into the quiet back corner of the lot -- which has two sets of windows with lovely views of tropical plants and trees, and sits under the aegis of a mature mango tree.

That's what it looks like when it's clean and tidy, all picked up and vacuumed. Which happens about once a season. Just for pictures.

What's that? Oh, you noticed something different about the room? That's right, Inspector Detail, Shea no longer sleeps in her baby crib.

She is a FREE AGENT.

Because she's a "Big Girl" now.

The crib has been passed on to another family with a new baby on the way, and Shea now is the proud owner of a Pretty Princess Big Girl Toddler Bed (which really just used to be Finn's old rack).

She's excited and delighted to have this new bed. So much so that she spent most of her first day in its possession just lounging naked in it, pretending to read books and calling for her fiddlers three.

Here's what she looks like, on a good day, when she's napping in it -- all cheeks and thighs and toddler sighs.

As my Mom is fond of saying, "I'd like to just freeze-dry her in this stage."


Then there are days that are less picture perfect, when I peek in to check on her nap status and I discover this spatial imbroglio ... but no Shea.

Can you find the sleeping toddler in this picture, or did your heart also stop, ever so briefly, as you entertained the thought that somehow, maybe, she had climbed up and out of those pretty windows after first doing her best impersonation of Robert Plant trashing his room at the Chateau Marmont?

Here's the same scene from a different angle.

Well, she may not be the most conventional of nappers, but at least she was engrossed in a good book before the Sandman finally took her down.

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